See The Light

A faint gleam

In my previous blog I once again admonished readers to never go anywhere without something which takes photos. If you want to get good photos, you need to have a camera to capture the moment. Timing is everything, technical skill is a distant second. My six best photo opportunities, ever, are filed only in the back of my skull because I did not have a camera. I usually carry my mobile phone which I acquired because of its photographic capability. It does not replace a shelf full of professional equipment, and often offers a stubborn attitude at critical moments, but it does produce some superb images. I’ll say no more. The photos in this blog were all taken with that mobile phone within an hour during a recent morning amble with Jack. Here is some light and cheer in a very dark season.

Happy Christmas.

All the world’s a stage
Look into the light
Softly comes the day
Not a creature was stirring
After the storm
And so another day begins
The mystery of sunrise and buoyancy , dark metal ships that reflect the light.
“Fog: Air slowly becoming sea, sea slowly becoming air”….Ray Griggs
Jack and Beau savour the warmth while chasing frosty sticks
Islands in the stream. Dunsmuir Island, a favourite anchorage
Slowly yet rapidly, the scene changes. Ships vanish then reappear.
What world is this?
As the planet spins.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha


Dead calm. 08:20 Nov.Canon2

The sun finally rises above Tugboat Island. It will transit a low arc in the Southern sky and disappear below the trees in the Southwest by 15:30. Darkness will return by 16:30. We have sun and a clear, calm sky. The sea is like glass and steams in the cold air.

In the ‘Tao Of Sailing’ by Ray Grigg, there is a description of fog:

The air silently becoming water,

water silently becoming air.”

Every minute this morning seems especially precious.



The docks are empty and silent. Surfaces glitter with frost. There is clarity everywhere. The chaos of summer gringos in garish clothing and their selfish acrimony seems a distant memory.


Jack Frost
Jack Frost

Jack indulges in the plethora of scents borne on the crisp air. Even I can smell a tang of fish and there is a faint perfume of alder smoke. Millions of herring and needle fish dart and flash beneath the docks. Horned grebes dive after them, filling themselves until they can barely fly. Sea lions bark far in the distance. Everything and everyone else have gone south, or are about to leave. I think of friends on their boats much nearer the equator and wonder about their weather this morning. But, I am alone here and I savour the moment.


Remember the ship's spider
Remember the ship’s spider

Two nights ago, the darkness seemed eternal. Buffeting rain and vicious wind slammed the boat all night. The rigging moaned and shivered. Jack crushed himself in my arms and shared my sleeplessness. Now I bath in the crisp golden peace of perfection and serenity. For now, there is no other place I’d rather be. The day is mine!

Betty Mc far, far from home
Betty Mc far, far from home